The owner of Garters and Co who designs the handmade garters, Christine Anaud

Christine Arnaud – Garters and Co

About Us at Garters & Co.  Handmade Bridal Garters, Bridal Flip Flops available throughout Australia!  We even offer Free Shipping!

Our Goal

Our goal is to make you the most special Wedding Garter, Bridal Flip Flops or Bridal Headpiece for your Wedding Day! We want to make sure you are absolutely thrilled when you open your package from us at Garters & Co. We work hard to make sure you are extremely happy with your purchase from us.

Our Service to you is guaranteed to be the best! Our Reviews attest to how our Brides feel about us and they keep telling us they LOVE our accessories and our Customer Service.

Its fun to be able to tell you all About Us at Garters and Co!

I went to look for pretty Bridal Garters as a gift idea for a special Bride to Be. I couldn’t believe the Garters that I was shown for sale in Bridal Stores!  The laces were harsh, cheap and all the same. The embellishments were tacky and I was offered just one size!  I wondered how many Brides would have the same size leg?  I thought that was simply crazy and was so disappointed.  There wasn’t much choice in the styles either. 

Expensive Wedding Dresses for sale

Surprisingly, most of the Bridal Stores I visited in Melbourne sold very expensive and beautiful Wedding Dresses. I felt it was a tragedy to offer such cheap garters to wear under such beautiful gowns on a Bride’s Wedding Day. It wasn’t only Bridal Stores in Melbourne. I decided to check out Bridal Stores in Sydney and Brisbane too.  Unfortunately I found the Bridal Garters in these Bridal Stores were just as awful.  Clearly, the problem was Australia wide!  

I was looking for something soft and romantic

I had envisaged a soft, romantic and feminine garter for my Bride’s special Garter, with something blue incorporated into it. So I went to Cleggs in Melbourne, purchased some gorgeous off-white lace and made one myself.  I loved it, the Bride loved it and shortly afterwards I had a call from her friend asking if I could make the same bridal garter for her Wedding Day too!  This is the bridal garter I made for her, its called Jessica Wedding Garterand it’s made from high quality soft silk white Chantilly Lace.  

Jessica Silk White Lace Wedding Garter with a large blue bow and cream pearls

Jessica Wedding Garter

About us at Garters & Co

We design and lovingly hand sew all our Wedding Accessories here in Melbourne, Australia. Our original Jessica Wedding Garter is still the one that we sell the most.  I believe a gorgeous bridal garter is an essential part of a Brides Wedding Lingerie for her Wedding Day.

We are a small online business and I have a Studio at home in Armadale, Melbourne.  I have just one talented seamstress with lots of creative flair who helps to sew our special bridal garters and makes the special boutique bows for our Bridal Flip Flops.  Its a very happy working environment for both of us.  Weddings are such a happy time and we love to help out Brides or Mothers of Brides and even Fiances who are really into helping plan the Wedding, who need Urgent Orders or just to pop in to have a closer look at our wedding accessories.

From teaching to Garters and Bridal Accessories

I had been teaching for a long time and I just felt it was time for a change. It’s funny how things can fall into place. Sewing was a passion, I love designing pretty things and I love Weddings – an amazing combination! Bravely I decided to start my own small business.  I am so happy I took the plunge and despite missing my students, I now LOVE working with Brides!  Its been such a rewarding experience.

I’m very passionate about designing luxurious, beautiful bridal garters for every Bride to wear on her most special of days. I really care about making sure every element of the Bridal Garter is perfect. Taking an exact leg measurement to create the right size for every Bride is so important for a comfortable fit. You don’t want a garter being too tight or slipping down throughout your Wedding day and night.  It’s a simple thing, but it makes such a difference to have your Garter made exactly for you and your own individual leg measurement.

What makes my day?

A Wedding Garter in a gift box wrapped in pink tissue paper with a large silk pink bow

Garters and Co Beautiful Packaging

Receiving emails from our Brides-to-be telling us how happy they are when they open their pretty Pink Parcels from Garters & Co!

Brides looking for something special, great Customer Service and a quick delivery are loving Garters & Co. Wearing an amazing Wedding Dress deserves a gorgeous Wedding Garter underneath that looks fabulous, fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear throughout your Wedding Day.

But there is more to our story – Wedding Flip Flops!

Whilst at my Niece’s Wedding I saw her take off her gorgeous Wedding Shoes, sparkling blue high heels and walk and dance in her bare feet throughout her Reception.  She told me her feet were ‘killing her’ and she couldn’t walk in her heels any longer – her feet were burning.  I set out to find something beautifully Bridal that was blissfully comfortable to wear.  I thought of thongs or flip flops, but they had no height to keep a Wedding Dress from dragging along the floor. I decided to create a high wedge heel flip flop or thong and decorate it beautifully and  so our Bridal Flip Flops were born! Designed and embellished in Melbourne, Australia!

A pair of white Bridal Flip Flops with soft high wedge heels and embellished with pearls and rhinestones

Bridal Flip Flops for the Bride

Beach Weddings, Outdoor Weddings, Winery Weddings and Beach Photography

Besides being amazing for your Wedding Reception, they are a must have for Beach Weddings and Beach Photography, Outdoor Weddings, Winery Weddings and Weddings in Parks and Gardens.  Walking on the sand, lawn or uneven ground suddenly becomes easy and elegant.  Our Bridal Flip Flops really solve a problem every Bride faces throughout her Wedding Day – we think you will love them!

Wedding Accessories

Bringing together the finest quality soft Satin ribbons – imported from France, delicate laces, the softest of tulles imported from Italy and silk fabrics available in Australia to create your Wedding Garter and Wedding Flip Flops. We then embellish them with Swarovski Pearls, Crystals and the finest quality Rhinestones available. We lovingly hand-sew each individual bridal garter design and Bridal Shoes with the love and attention they deserve to create truly special keepsake garters that a Bride will treasure forever together with the most comfortable Wedding Shoes available. Our range of bridal garter designs is varied but you can even design your own!

Custom made for you

Every garter is custom made to the Bride’s exact leg measurement to ensure a perfect fit!  Whilst off-white, white and ivory are definitely the most popular choices in our Wedding Garters, we can also offer a range of beautiful colours.  You can match your bridal Garter with your coloured shoes, match your flowers, match your Bridesmaids’ dress colour and just have a lot of fun with your Wedding Garter.  It is a wonderful opportunity for a stunning photograph to include in your Wedding Album.

We can also hand-stitch a beautiful Blue Swarovski Rhinestone into the back of our Wedding Garters for Brides who would like to include ‘something blue’ for good luck on their Wedding Day. We also offer Bridesmaids Garters and Toss Garters to cater to the Bride’s every wish.

Four pretty Bridesmaids in hot pink dresses and matching garters

Bridesmaids Garters

Each Bride is different and we pride ourselves on catering individually by offering custom made bridal garters, in addition to our already extensive range. If you would like a different ribbon, accent colour or a pearl embellishment instead of a petite rose – consider it done. We can even work with the Bride personally to create a completely unique garter with a one-off design. Garters & Co. offer Free Shipping Australia Wide with a 100% money back Full Refund Guarantee*.

Making your Wedding Garter is a labour of love for us and if you are not happy, then neither are we – it’s that simple. We understand that you want to make the right choices for every element of your Wedding and that’s where we come in, we are here to help.

Bridal Gifts

Our Garters and Bridal Flip Flops are the perfect Wedding Gift idea for Brides.  A Wedding Garter is a traditional keepsake and a very special Bridal Gift. Mothers of the Bride and close friends often choose one of our bridal garters to give as a personal gift for the Bride on her Wedding Day.  Bridal Flip Flops are perfect for the Wedding Reception.

Garters & Co. also make Bridal Flip Flops

for when its time to take off your heels

A Bride has taken off her uncomfortable shoes and is sitting down and resting her feet

Bare Foot Bride

Comfortable Wedding Shoes, Bridal Flip Flops with pretty embellishment

White Bridal Flip Flops

A Bride has taken off her high heels and is soaking her feet in a pail of water

Bride Soaking Sore feet

We listened to so many Bride’s who said that their feet hurt and burned so much throughout their Wedding Photography and Wedding Reception.  We know how important it is to wear your beautiful wedding shoes – with high heels for your Wedding Day.  The downside is that high heels are not comfortable or practical to wear throughout your Wedding Day.  So we worked hard to come up with a solution to the problem, as Garters & Co. believe Bride’s shouldn’t be faced with any problems on their Wedding Day!

We wanted to design something unique,  ‘blissfully‘ comfortable, with a heel height to lift your Wedding Dress off the floor yet still look elegant, Bridal and beautiful!  We think you’ll love them.


Bridal Flip Flops

Our Wedding Flip Flops can be worn throughout your Wedding Day.  Slip in and out of them as you please, knowing they feel wonderful and they look amazing too.

They are a must have for your Wedding Photography and Wedding Reception as you will be on your feet most of the time as you mingle with your guests and they are so perfect for dancing the night away!

We have carefully designed the shape and height of the Bridal Flip Flops to look and feel amazing with your Wedding Dress.  They are our own original design and not available for purchase anywhere else in Australia.  Our Bridal Flip Flops are made from the softest materials – between your toes and so silky soft under your feet.

Our bridal flip flops have a 5cm wedge heel height

We chose a 5cm wedge heel height to keep your dress up off the floor but not to expose your feet.  As you walk, you get a brief glimpse of the beautiful Bridal Bow and embellishment with each step.  We think they are perfect and we know you will too!

More about Christine

My earliest memories are of my Grandmother sitting at her sewing machine.  We visited her often and she created the most amazing clothes for all her grandchildren.  Every Christmas, all her granddaughters would have a beautiful new ‘party’ dress. I learned that before she married, my Grandmother worked designing and sewing Wedding Dresses for a major retailer Renee Rose Weddings in Swanston Street, Melbourne and could create a pattern from scratch and make a Wedding Dress come to life.

A receipt from Renee Rose, a store in Swanston Street Melbourne dated 1956

Renee Rose Receipt

A frock – what on earth is a frock?

This receipt from the Store, dated 13th August, 1951 has some really interesting elements recorded on it.  It is for a Blue Lace and Tulle Ballerina Frock, Size SSW (Small Small Womens – an earlier sizing system in Australia) and it sold for 12 Pounds!  I wonder if it was for a Bridesmaid and how I’d love to see a picture of it today!  The reference to a ‘frock’ rather than a dress is interesting too.  When did these things change!

The French Seam

I started sewing at the age of 11, learning different seam styles and all the basics at my High School in Melbourne.  One of these seam styles, the French Seam I now use in my Wedding Garters for a beautiful finish at the back!  Who would of thought something I learned when I was 11 years old would be so useful today! All my bridal garters are sewn with a French Seam.  I loved my Sewing Classes and I would create my own clothes.

I’ve always been drawn to fabric stores where I could select patterns and coloured fabrics that would appeal to me. When my two beautiful daughters were born,  I loved creating clothes for them, lots of pink of course and I loved all the options I could put into their clothes, making them unique and one of a kind. I think it was natural that a business choice for me was always going to have a creative basis to it.  The thrill of being able to create Bespoke Bridal Accessories, hand made in beautiful satin ribbons and laces for a Bride’s special day is so rewarding for me.

We love what we do, we are so proud of what we create and we love being a part of such a special day which holds so much joy for Brides.

Customise Your Wedding Garter



* 7 day money back refund.  Your unworn bridal Garter together with its packaging in original condition can be posted back to Garters & Co. together with your receipt within 7 days of receiving it by Registered Post.

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