Beach Theme Wedding

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Beach Wedding Shoes; Comfortable Wedding Shoes; Wedding DestinationsDeciding on a Beach Theme Wedding and holding your Wedding Ceremony on a beautiful beach is such an exciting opportunity for couples planning their Wedding.  The lure of white sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, blue skies and warm gentle breezes is an absolute dream Wedding for so many Brides to Be.

Wedding Destinations

There are so many beautiful Beach Wedding Venues to choose from too. I guess my first thoughts are the many amazing opportunities we have right here in Australia.  So many beautiful beaches and it doesn’t matter what State you live in, Australian beaches are really beautiful.  The list of beaches is endless, there are so many amazing places here, particularly up North with gorgeous Island Wedding Venues available. We are so lucky.  Brides can also choose a Beach Destination Wedding – Hawaii Weddings, Thailand Weddings, Bali Weddings, Fiji Weddings.    I do think though that Queensland Weddings would be a very popular choice for couples not wanting the complexity of organising an overseas wedding.

Beach Theme Wedding

A Beach Theme Wedding calls for relaxed wedding attire, which in itself is fantastic.  No suit and tie for the Groom, a much more casual Wedding Dress for the Bride and Bridesmaids which also means your Wedding will be more cost effective for your budget.

Beach friendly wedding attire becomes simple – romantic yet without the fuss.  A strapless, flowing  or off the shoulder wedding dress looks so at home on the beach as does rolled up sleeves and perhaps even shorts for the Groom.

Beach Wedding Shoes

Beach Wedding Shoes are also casual, some Brides like to go barefoot but Bridal Flip Flops look fantastically elegant, their high wedge heel keeps your dress from dragging in the sand.

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