Every Bride needs a garter right?

Christine May 16, 2015 0
HAND MADE IN MELBOURNE   BESPOKE WEDDING ACCESSORIES Garters & Co. Bespoke Wedding Accessories, Wedding Garters, Bridal Flip Flops, Cufflinks and Bridal [...]

Villa Botanica Whitsundays

Christine May 10, 2014 0
As the weather here in Melbourne grows colder by the day, wouldn't it be fun to leave the clouds and low [...]

Bridal Garters – are an old Wedding Tradition

Christine April 4, 2014 2
Bridal Garters are still very much a significant part of a Brides' attire. A very old Wedding Tradition, Bridal Garters were [...]

Garter Toss!

Christine April 4, 2014 2
Winning the Bride’s Garter  was not only considered lucky, but the belief was that the good luck could be transferred  . . [...]

Leg Measurements for a Perfect Fit

Christine April 4, 2014 2
It’s really important that your leg measurements are accurate, so that your Wedding Garter is a perfect fit for your special day. [...]

How to wear your Wedding Garter

Christine April 4, 2014 2
Traditionally, it is thought that the Wedding Garter should be worn on the right leg.  But, how to wear your Wedding [...]

Customised Wedding Garter – It should be perfect for your Wedding Day!

Christine April 4, 2014 0
Garters & Co.™ has a special service, Customised Wedding Garters.  We help you design and customise your own unique Wedding Garter [...]

In Store Shopping

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If you would like to visit Garters & Co. for our In Store Shopping rather than shopping online for your Wedding [...]