Bridal Flip Flops

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Your high heels looked absolutely beautiful for your Wedding, your photography was great fun but it took forever and now your feet are burning so much!!!  Slip into a pair of our gorgeous high-wedge heeled Bridal Flip Flops. Your feet deserve some Bliss, especially for your Reception where you can dance the night away!!     See our Reviews!

Bridal Flip Flops with high wedge heel and embellished with pearls and rhinestones

Bridal Flip Flops – Pearls and Rhinestones

Wedding Flip Flops with high wedge heels embellished with a rhinestones in a heart shape

Wedding Flip Flops – Rhinestone Hearts

Wedding Reception | Bridal Flip Flops

If you want to slip out of your high heels,  look elegant and keep your dress off the floor. Wedding Flip Flops are perfect!  Our own high wedge heel design is super comfortable and they look adorable and Bridal.       Bridal Flip Flop Reviews!




Bride slipping into her Bridal Flip Flops while her Groom watches

Slipping into our comfortable Bridal Flip Flops

Bride showing her Bridal Flip Flop for her photographer

Time for Flip Flop Photos!

Bride and Groom sitting on a huge seat with their Wedding Party

Meena wearing her Flip Flops in Cactarium








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Bride soaking her bare feet in water with her high heels off

Bride with sore feet

We listened to so many Bride’s who told us that their feet hurt and burned so much throughout their Wedding Day.  We know how important it is to wear your beautiful Bridal Shoes with high heels.  The downside is that high heels are not comfortable or practical to wear all day. 


So we worked hard to come up with a solution to the problem. Brides shouldn’t have any problems on their Wedding Day! We wanted to design something unique, blissfully comfortable, with a heel height to lift your Wedding Dress off the floor. To still look elegant, Bridal and beautiful!  We think you’ll love them. Perfect for Beach Weddings, Outdoor Weddings, Winery Weddings or for your Wedding Photographs at the Beach.

Bridal Flip Flops

Bridal Flip Flops

Our Bridal Flip Flops can be worn throughout your Wedding Day.  Slip in and out of them as you please, knowing they feel wonderful and they look amazing too.

They are a must have for your Photo Session and Wedding Reception as you will be on your feet most of the time as you mingle with your guests and they are so perfect for dancing the night away!

We have carefully designed the shape and 5cm wedge height of our Wedding Flip Flops to look perfect with your Wedding Dress.  They are our own original design and not available for purchase anywhere else in Australia.  Our Bridal Flip Flops are made from the softest of materials – between your toes and so silky soft under your feet.

Heel Height

We chose a 5cm wedge heel height for total foot support and to keep your Wedding Dress up off the floor, but not to expose your feet.  As you walk, you will get a brief glimpse of the beautiful Bridal Bow with its embellishment with each step.  We think they are perfect and we know you will too!

Beach Wedding

Our beautiful Bridal Flip Flops are so perfect for a Beach Wedding.  There are no other Beach Wedding Shoes that cope so well with the sand, uneven areas and even pebbles and rocks.  They slip on and off so easily and are beautifully embellished.  They really are an amazing Wedding Accessory that we know you will be so glad you organised.

One of our favourite Destination Wedding spots is Bliss Events in Thailand

A beautiful Wedding Reception set up on a beautiful beach with candles on the sand

On the Beach Wedding Reception

Bliss Events offer the most amazing Weddings on the most stunning beaches you could wish for.  I love receiving their updates after each Wedding they hold.  Their Wedding Planning company is based on the Islands of Koh Samui and Phuket specializing in Destination Wedding Events.  Most are held on beautiful beaches and our Bridal Flip Flops are very popular with Brides.  It is so much easier walking elegantly on the sand with our Flip Flops on your feet!  If you are thinking of planning your Wedding in Thailand you simply must take a look at their Website.


Bridal Flip Flops

Our beautiful Flip Flops have a 5cm wedge heel height at the back and a 2cm heel height at the front.  They have soft Satin Silk Ribbon bound straps, an oversized 10cm Bridal Boutique Satin Bow and are finished with a Beautiful Pearl and Rhinestone Embellishment or a beautiful Rhinestone Embellishment of your choice.  They are so comfortable to wear as you sink into their soft support and keep your Wedding Dress from dragging along the floor. Your high heeled Wedding Shoes have looked fantastic for your Wedding  – but its now time for some real comfort during your Photographs and Wedding Reception! They really are ‘blissful’ to wear, beautifully Bridal and so soft to support your feet!  Dance your most special of nights away in superb comfort – you deserve it.

Available in White or Bridal White with any other colour you would like us to customise for you with our oversized french satin Bridal Bows.


bridal flip flops for your bridesmaids

Bridal Flip Flops are also available for your Bridesmaids precious feet and we can match the oversized french satin bows to any Bridesmaid dress colour you need so that they will look perfect. We can even embellish them with our Pearl and Rhinestone or other beautiful Rhinestone settings.

bridesmaids gifts

Our Bridal Flip Flops make the perfect gift for Bridesmaids and they will love you for your thoughtfulness!

A pretty Bridesmaid wearing Bridal Flip Flops on back of golf cart with Groomsman

Bridal Flip Flops for Bridesmaids

Four Bridesmaids in hot pink dresses, wearing their matching Bridal Flip Flops

Bridesmaids at Villa Botanica

A pair of high wedge bridal flip flops with large boutique blue bows

Bridesmaids Blue Bridal Flip Flops


beach weddings, outdoor weddings, winery weddings and beach photography

Bride wearing bridal flip flops whilst walking over rocks towards the beach, with her Groom following

Bridal Flip Flops at the beach

Bridesmaids wearing their hot pink bridal flip flops on the beach with their partners

Bridesmaids Bridal Flip Flops

Bridal Flip Flops are a fabulous option if you’re planning a Beach Wedding, Outdoor Wedding, Winery Wedding or having your Wedding Photographs taken at the Beach.  Walking along  the sand in high heels is impossible and the sand can get very hot and uncomfortable for bare feet.  Lawns too are very difficult to walk on as your heels can get stuck with each step you take.  It can be really hard to walk elegantly on lawns, pebbly paths and uneven grounds. Our Bridal Flip Flops will keep Brides and their Bridesmaids feet looking great and walking very comfortable too.

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