Making our Laura Lace Wedding Garter

Christine January 25, 2018 0

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Our beautiful Raschel Lace is gently hand dyed in a gentle off-white shade, perfect to work with the many shades of off-white or ivory Wedding Dresses.  The many many shades Brides can choose for their Dresses.  It becomes really important that the Wedding Garter they choose blends in well with their choice of material. We are going to have fun making our Laura Lace Wedding Garter.

Making our Laura Lace Wedding Garter

We have worked hard to create a special shade that works for Brides.  Our off-white shade blends perfectly with any shade to match in well with a Brides’ Wedding Dress.  We have found the perfect shade for you!

Once we are happy with the depth of the off-white shade, we lay our Lace pieces out to dry slowly and evenly.  We don’t want to compromise the evenness and colour to spread beautifully throughout the lace surface.

It’s actually exciting to know that we are getting ready to create some beautiful Laura Lace Wedding Garters.

Laura Lace Wedding Garter with Blue Bow