Bridesmaids Flip Flops – Choose A Colour


Choose A Colour to Match your Bridesmaids Dresses – We customise!

Slip into our Bridesmaids Flip Flops at the beginning of your day while your hair is styled and make-up applied. No need to stress your feet at this early part of the Wedding Day!  Time for your amazing heels for the Wedding Ceremony whilst everyone’s eyes are on you.  When its time for the photographs, slip back into your Bridesmaids Flip Flops – absolute heaven.  Let your feet feel the ‘blissful comfort’ as you rest them from your high heels for a while.  Slip back into your high heels again for your arrival at the Wedding Reception and once you are seated, slip back into your Bridal Flip Flops again.  You can walk and dance in superb comfort for the rest of the night and still looking amazing.  Your feet will be floating instead of burning and aching!! We don’t think you will want to take them off again!

Bridesmaids Flip Flops are a beautiful gift idea.

Bridesmaids Flip Flops for Beach Weddings

Bridesmaids Flip Flops are perfect for Beach Weddings.  Walking on the sand in heels is impossible and it can be really hot too .  Our Blissful Bridesmaids Flip Flops are a fantastic option.  Walking along the beach is just so easy and comfortable and they look really beautiful.  We can match Bridesmaids’ Dresses to the satin ribbon colour on our Bridesmaids Flip Flops.


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