Woodland Wedding Ceremony

Christine May 8, 2016 0

Outdoor Wedding, Woodland Wedding

 Woodland Wedding Ceremony

This is a beautiful Bridal updo Hairstyle that would be perfect for an outdoor Woodland Wedding Ceremony. I love that the pretty soft pink flowers and green foliage.  It looks so fresh, lush and delicate.  Often garland hair flowers are overdone on the Bride’s head. Sometimes they can be really heavy at the front.  This design is particularly delicate. It works so well because it  accentuates the loose flowing hair at the back. Its so important not to overpower the Bride’s hairstyle.

This Bride’s hair updo is softly pulled into a loose low bun. Little wisps of hair are pulled out, softening the effect of her style. This hairstyle with garland hair flowers would be perfect for the Bridesmaids too.

Flowers just at the back of the Brides head allow her makeup, earrings and face to be the centre of attention. The focus is then on your beautiful face without being too busy from the front.

Wedding Hairpieces

Wedding Hairpieces, whether they be casual or formal are an essential part of a Bride’s overall look. It is her most special of days, her Wedding Day.  Garters & Co has a beautiful selection of Bridal Headpieces available for Outdoor Weddings, Winery Weddings, Beach Weddings, Marquee Weddings and Church Weddings.   Bridal Headpieces

A more casual Headpiece is perfect for an Outdoor Wedding.  Outdoor Wedding, beach wedding, bridal headpieceHair Vines are particularly popular as you can bend and shape them into your chosen Hairstyle.  They should complement your Bridal Hairstyle, not the other way around.

Outdoor Weddings are perfect for wearing a Fantasy Headpiece.  This Bridal Headpiece is made from delicate flowers with tiny Rhinestones encased by gold tones and twine – simply gorgeous.